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Products and machines that are made in advance and that have already proven their success.

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Due to the success of our custom-made machines, many standard products are now also supplied. These are machines that we have already tested through and through and that are fully optimized for their function.

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Brine bath cleaner

Fruit and vegetable press


The shelf cleaner is a machine developed for the cheese industry, but it also works well to clean all types of shelves.
The machine is easy to use and cleans the boards where the cheese is ripening in the right way. Perfect for SME’s that regularly clean shelves.
This is often still done by hand, and to work quickly, the high-pressure sprayer is also used. Cleaning these planks with a pressure washer is not so good. Due to the high pressure, it goes much too deep, and molds will develop much more easily afterwards.
The machine also uses less water and is a lot faster, so that you save a lot in the long term.

Brine bath cleaner

The brine bath cleaner is a machine that has been developed for the cheese industry.

The machine can filter the brine very easily.
Small pieces of cheese, herbs, and other small particles are sucked up by a special pump and held back by a suitable filter before the brine ends up back in the bath.
The cleaner will keep the brine bath free of impurities.

Fruit & vegetable press

It once started with someone who claimed that pear juice didn’t exist ‘because it doesn’t work’ due to the pears oxidizing too quickly. The expression ‘it doesn’t work’ is something we don’t accept at Barotec…

After this, we started developing a concept with our design team, and after a few years (partly thanks to the support of the Flemish government) we have a beautiful patented multifunctional machine that can process up to 1000 kg per hour with 1 press section.

The great thing about this concept is that the products no longer come into contact with air after washing.

We can press apples, pears, strawberries, grapes, quinces, berries, vegetables, etc… in this machine.

And yes, pear juice can also be made!

With this machine you can make juice of the highest quality without additives!

If you have organic fruit, you also have organic juice! It can’t get any healthier than that.

Due to the fast way of pasteurization and the possibility to control the temperature above 100 degrees, the juice can be pasteurized in the most favorable way.

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