Design & Engineering

Measuring (also in 3D), designing and engineering in-house for own constructions.

Our workflow

Projects are designed using CAD programs such as Inventor (3D from AutoDesk) and Autocad. Thanks to the direct 3D drawing, we have a clear overview of the created drawing from the beginning to the end of the design process. The 3D model automatically generates views and bills of materials.

In addition, we can quickly make changes in a very efficient way that are immediately adapted. Because the 3D model is built completely parametrically, adjustments can be made very quickly. By simulating movements, we can discover possible bottlenecks. This also includes strength calculations that we perform at the request of our customer.

Your engineers

Kris, Steven and Remco form the engineering team, they are both designers and project managers.

Once started as a designer, business manager Kris is passionate about realising challenging projects. Kris has 20 years of experience, drawing in Inventor has become automatic for him. We are always looking for the best solution and we commit ourselves to projects until they succeed. It is this creativity that is the inspiration for our slogan.

About ten years ago, Steven made a career switch to become a technical designer. He works out projects completely independently and follows up on these projects from start to finish. 

Remco was added as the youngest engineer, his studies as a master industrial engineer electromechanics certainly come in handy at Barotec. He takes care of the design, follow-up and optimization of all kinds of projects.

Kristoff has 25 years of industry experience. He assists our team on a technical and commercial level: he follows up the price requests of our customers, makes quotations, helps us find technical solutions and maintains contact with our customers.

Steven is ‘EN1090 welding coordinator’ at Barotec, he closely monitors the quality of the welds.

Everyone from the engineering team obtained the ‘VCA full’ diploma to make sure all our installations are done safely and correctly.

Our work

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