Turning ambitious ideas
into efficient solutions.

Because anything can be made. We see projects that others don’t even want to start with as a challenge. We bring your vision, however ambitious it may be, to life in a creative and efficient way.

Our services

Team Barotec consists of a mix of specialists from many different applications in our sector. This allows us to be your all-in-one solution to any problem you encounter.

Design & engineering

Practical drawings and 3D models that bring efficiency and structure to any project.
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Technical constructions

Constructions in all sizes. From design to installation. No challenge is too great for us.
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Industrial supply

Whether it’s small pieces or complex assemblies, we’d love to hear what you’re looking for.
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Standard products

Pre- made products and machines that have already proven their success.
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From design all the way to installation, we are happy to help give your interior a unique look with specialized design techniques in all types of materials.
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Mechanical engineering

Designing, manufacturing and installing machines or parts thereof, always in close collaboration with the client.
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2002 | Where it all started

Barotec is founded. Kris Baro had a dream to build a company that really collaborates with the customer. Taking on any challenge, no matter how ambitious the projects are.

2006 | Expansion

We invested heavily in expanding the workplace, our people and the services we offer. Several machines were added: the laser cutting machine, the bending machine, the CNC milling machine and the CNC lathe.

2014 | The move
+ EN1090 EXC I EN II

The ECA site in Assenede is now our home. Where 2000 m² is used efficiently to handle any project. After the move, our team expanded. More specialists are finding their way to Barotec and we are investing heavily in our experience. We are one of the first companies to obtain the EN1090 EXC I and II quality label!

2017 | VCA*

We obtain our VCA* certificate! Our assembly team can now safely go on site to our customers!

2021 | Experienced specialists

Barotec transformed into a one stop shop for the customer. An experienced team of specialists who do not shy away from any challenge. We continue to grow, invest and still start every collaboration with the same enthusiasm.

2022 | A brand new barotec

Coming soon....

Our work

The future | Team Barotec

Today we are proud of our team. without them, Barotec would never have been where it is today. A tight group of enthusiastic and motivated people who never shy away from a challenge. We'll continue to grow and invest in our team for many years to come.

Let's work together

because your ambitious idea deserves to become reality.
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