Designing, manufacturing, installing structures in brass, bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, steel, plastic…

Always in close cooperation with the customer.

Our workflow

Due to our experience and extensive machinery, we especially enjoy carrying out design projects.

Over the years, at Barotec, we have developed a unique specialty: namely bronzed furniture, kitchens, doors, etc…

We age these materials (brass, bronze, copper), this gives a unique and timeless look.

We also remain active in the ‘design’ world for the other materials.

your technicians

Tim and Frederik are our Design specialists, together they form the perfect duo to create and assemble these unique items.

Tim has many years of experience in finer welding. You can expect a very fine weld from him, which he will then clean up or sand down perfectly so that it will no longer be visible. Perfection that you can see in the end result.

Frederik makes the most beautiful design items with love for the profession. He is a master in assembling these pieces. Frederik is extremely inventive, searches thoughtfully for the best solution and does not let go. ‘Failure’ is not accepted, ‘make it work’. You can count on him. He is the perfect mechanic for these unique items!

Our work

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